Being A Sugar Baby Isn’t As Sweet As It Is Cracked Up To Be

Many of those who make money off promoting the Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby lifestyle including those who own the sites as well as some of those involved in that lifestyle would have you believe that this lifestyle is mutually beneficial to both parties and an extremely sweet way to get more out of life.

However, in many cases the sugar daddy-baby lifestyle can often end in a sour note that may not affect your present and your future, but also can affect your family and friends. Here are some of less sweet things you should know about these sugar daddy and sugar baby sites.

The Relationships are Not as Mutual as They May Appear

While at the time that the parties in the relationship are making the arrangements the arrangement may seem to be mutual. However, the realities of the relationship may be far less mutual they appear on the service. For example, a college student may agree to become a sugar baby in exchange for getting her tuition paid. What she may not count on is that sugar daddy expects her to be at his beck and call for the funds he is laying on. To fulfill her portion of the bargain she may find herself missing classes and even watch as her grade point average drastically falls. All of this may be counterproductive to the reason she signed up to be a sugar baby in the first place.

Even if the arrangements stick strictly to what agreed upon the sugar daddy or the sugar baby may turn out to have personality problems that were unexpected such as heavy drinking, poor hygiene or other problems. While you can end the relationship at any time, doing so may create problems if the sugar daddy or mama doesn’t feel that they are getting their money or bargain’s worth leading to harassment.

These Relationships Can Create Financial Dependence on Others

Sugar babies who receive expensive gifts and/or money may become financial dependent on their sugar daddy. When the relationship ends they need to scramble to find another sugar daddy to make up for the lost income. Barring finding another sugar daddy the sugar baby then is forced to rely on family friends to help out financially while they struggle to get back onto their feet. In some cases, sugar babies get so into the lifestyle the added money that they postpone their career making it more difficult to get back in financial control when their services are no longer wanted or need by any sugar daddy.

The Sugary Relationship Can Lower Your Feelings of Self-Worth

Strangely enough may sugar babies go into this lifestyle because they have so much self-worth they feel that their time is worth high payment in the form of cash, gifts, free trips and other advantages. Sugar Daddies (and Mamas) go into this lifestyle feeling that their money gives them the power to have the companionship of anyone they choose. After awhile especially when sex is involved, sugar daddies and mamas begin to feel that the only way they can companionship of people they find attractive is by paying for their company, and sugar babies especially when sex is involved feel that they have sold themselves for money. In both cases, a persons self-worth may take a real beating.

If you are considering becoming a sugar daddy or sugar baby then consider the sour along with the sweet in order make an informed decision about whether this lifestyle is really for you.