4 Tricky Tips to Communicate Perfectly with Your Sugar Daddy

Are you a sugar baby struggling to maintain perfect communication with your sugar daddy? Trust me, you are not alone. Get in here let’s have a quick chat!

Communication can pose a big hurdle in sugar daddy dating. If not handled well, it could lead to the end of the relationship.

There is just no topic that feels okay to share. You probably just met him and he is obviously not from the millennial generation and worse, you both share a completely different life and profession. What could you possibly talk about? And when you have a topic, how best do you bring it up to not upset or bore him.

This is the dilemma most sugar babies find themselves – both old and new. Thankfully, there are some tricky ways to make communication easy peasy. Check them out!

  1. First, Don’t Jump Into Conclusion Yet

It is very common to find sugar babies jumping into conclusion once their sugar daddy fails to get in touch for a while. Truth is, these men are busy. You may get yourself all worked up that you did something wrong whereas he is just swamped with work-related issues. Wait until you hear from him again. It could take days or weeks. Whatever the case may be, wait until he gets in touch. Do not send the ‘Hey Stranger’ or ‘Where have you been’ text. Absolutely not! That is a wrong move. Keep your cool until he shows up.

  1. What Are His Likes?

I like to remind sugar babies that their major role is to keep him happy. And this involves knowing his likes and sticking with them. You may be the very chatty type but this is a businessman who has little or no time for youthful frivolities. I mean, he is not even in his youth anymore. Therefore, you will have to stick with his communication preference. Does he prefer emailing to text messaging? Does he enjoy messaging on social media platforms? How often does he check he emails? What is your communication agreement? Once or twice a week? These are some essential questions you will have to find answers to for easy communication. If he is one who prefers emailing then stick with that and don’t go text messaging him. Also, respect the communication agreement to the last.

  1. Find the Perfect Time

Timing is very crucial to maintaining a good communication line between you and your sugar daddy. What time does he get off work? When is his lunch break? Does he get a free day? When is he more responsive? Does he have a family he spends time with? You will have to keep an eye out to learn all of these essential tips to know when best to call or text him. It is not enough to know his preferred method of communication. Learn these vital information and you will have a happy relationship with any sugar daddy.

  1. It is Best to Ask

If you find yourself struggling to answer any of the above questions, then I suggest you have a sit down with your sugar daddy and ask him for clarity. This is why I advise sugar babies to have everything listed out in the agreement before delving into a relationship. Catching a pot is all fun and game until you find yourself struggling to keep him. The sugar pool may be easy, but it definitely requires you to play your roles well to keep the ball rolling. Don’t be scared to ask when in doubt.